• Possum
    A Possum on Magnetic Island, Queensland
  • Prim Park
    Penny's "P'laver"
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
    A stunning Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Sue'n'Jan
    With Sue Zanker - Coral Sea Calligraphers, Townsville
  • Sydney
    Linda Upfold - Who organised my trip
  • Tassie
    The Tassie Calligraphy group
  • TassieDevil
    Tasmanian Devil
  • Wow
    A Koala in the wild
  • Coral Sea
    Coral Sea Calligraphers
  • Dorrigo
    Dorrigo National Park with Colleen & Robyn
  • Gabby!
    Gabby's fantastic nails
  • Goldcoast
    The Gold Coast group
  • Gussie
    Gussie - looking good!
  • Heather
    Heather - at the Italic workshop, Sydney
  • Jan'n'Olive HRH
    Good to finally meet Olive
  • JP
    My favourite bridge
  • Koala
    A cuddly 'n' heavy Koala
  • Mt Wellington
    Up on Mt Wellington, Hobart
  • Mumsy
    A Wallaby and her Joey
  • PA031335 (Small)
    The Neck on Bruny Island, Tasmania
  • Alison'n'Judy
    Alison and Judy - Tassie
  • Banksia
    Banksia beauty
  • Beauty
    Canberra Botanical Gardens
  • Bert
    Bert - Christine's cat from Tassie
  • Bondi Beach
    With Linda on Bondi Beach - Sydney
  • Boom Netting
    Boom Netting at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Canberra
    Colourful Canberra group
  • Coffs (Small)
    Fun at Coff's Harbour
  • Welsh Flag
    A Welsh flag from Angela
  • Lyne & Irene, Goldcoast
    Lyne & Irene, Goldcoast
  • Munchies At CCS
    Cookies at Canberra
  • Primrose Park, Sydney
    The Sydney gang
  • The Workers, Sydney
    Joy, Jill and Elaine at Primrose Park - Sydney
  • Judith Kilburn, Goldcoast
    Judith from Gold Coast