Jan Pickett Calligraphy
embossLatest Workshops...
  • Embossing with extra PZAZZ...
  • Embossed surfaces cast subtle shadows, giving an appearance of quality wherever used. We combine this with some colour also extra cutting, creating unique 'built up' designs, with extra pzazz!


  • B&WLetters Unlimited - 3D and shadow letters
  • Fun, informal, decorative Graphic and Calligraphic letters for every occasion. All shapes and sizes, shadows and depth give letters a third dimension! We work with both drawn & edged pen letters, adding shape and form with colour. Have fun and see your letters in perspective


  • B&WVivacious Versals...(New workshop)
  • This drawn letter workshop, starts with a refresher of basic skeleton Roman capitals and their width groups. We then add proportional weight to construct these classical capitals and explore their many variations, with gouache, watercolours and coloured pencils, using a variety of techniques. There will be plenty of individual help on hand, so come and enjoy this fun filled day.

  • WelterWelter of Watercolour-decorative, delicate & delicious

    A 'gouache-free zone' as we use purely water colour in the pen, brush and background. Enchanting whether subtle, full strength, transparent or opaque, we explore its many uses within the calligraphic world. Lift out, wash out, drop in, partnered with resist, we use it to decorate, write, suggest & hopefully love!


  • monomagicMonochrome magic & Tantalizing Tones...
    An exciting journey, exploring monochromatic colour schemes, starting with a single colour, extending it to produce a tantalizing range of tints, shades & tones using pen made and drawn letterforms. Armed with a wealth of ideas, there will be projects, from using written or decorated drawn words to adding text for the final sparkle. 


  • foldies Fantastic Foldies
    A 'Fun' day making, writing & decorating a delightful array of boxes, cards and fun foldies, ideal for so many situations. Especially suitable for Christmas, 'Special occasion', party gifts and table decorations, etc .
    A gentle and fascinating day of eager enjoyment.

  • HalfUncHalf Uncials with Celtic charisma...
    We take an in depth look at this elegant style, full of Celtic charisma, comprising a curious mixture of capital and miniscule letterforms. Make your lettering come alive with the magical celtic ingredients of both traditional & contemporary decoration.

  • CutLettersCut paper Lettering
    Cut paper lettering adds a new and exciting dimension to Calligraphy... We create & produce attractive designs using simple techniques with a minimum of equipment…we design and make 3D layered cards and other small projects to which may then be easily adapted and applied to other calligraphic works.

  • foldiesCut-paper Plus with 3D 'Sculpted' Letters...

    One stage further into the delicious world of cut letters, with subtle shapes and shadows to tempt your taste! After an initial refresher of positive & negative cutting, working mainly white on white, we explore layered letters, cut blocks of text and sculpted letters and shapes. All in all not to be missed...

  • foldies

    Creative colour for all occasions!

  • During this workshop we’ll be writing a variety of edged pen styles and also working with drawn letterforms, to which we add decoration using lots of different techniques. We will use pastels, coloured pencils and watercolour to produce many delicate effects guaranteed to add sparkle to your
    pages. There will be time for projects, using a wealth of
    exciting ideas… For all levels, so just add fun & stir! 


  • B&WBlack and white, formal and Informal
    Working in black & white, we look at a style of lettering loosely based on the Legende typeface. This beautiful edged pen version is a flowing style combining the very low x-height of Legende, the springing arches and graceful letters of Italic, together with a little pen manipulation stirred in for extra good measure. It is exciting, lively and fun to do...so be ready to free up and flow.

  • B&WBlack and white Bonanza
    Using a lettering style of your choice there will be projects on hand and opportunities to experiment, working black on white, white on black and even black on black. Working large and small we will explore letters, infils and patterns, so be ready to free up and flow. For all levels, so come and join the fun!
  • NeulandNicely Neuland - written, drawn, decorated & delicious
    Chunky letters designed by Rudolph Koch can be used for both formal & informal work, whether written with an edged pen or drawn and decorated. We'll write them individually, then in stacked blocks of text exploring their character, using watercolour, lifting out and dropping in colour wet-in-wet, changing their personality from sombre
    to lighthearted. We also draw & decorate a few as well.

  • foldiesDecorated, contemporary Capitals
    Delightful, drawn, free flowing letters which then have hints of colour added to create stunning impact....these elegant letterforms take their basic proportions from Roman Capitals. Decorated using watercolours, we also add a little gold to heighten the effect!

  • Tunnel

    Terrific Tunnel books
    An exciting day designing, constructing, writing & decorating a many-layered tunnel book, allowing you to 'take a peek' within this delightful 3D format, that can be any format, circular, square oblong...the only limit is the imagination


  • Most Workshops are designed to be one day sessions but can be tailored to suit individual group needs & expanded to accommodate a weekend or longer as required.

They are available for any Calligraphic groups, Art groups, societies and Local Education Authorities who may be interested.

For further details, please contact me.